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December 3, 1998

Volume 1, Issue 2

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Letters to Grandma Watson (Listed by Date)


Dear Grandma Watson,

Daddy said that it was time to write you a letter since you hadn't heard from me in a
while. I'm happy to say that I'm growing very quickly. At least that's what Mom and
Dad tell me. Some of my onesies are too small for me and there are some clothes that I
got right after coming out of the hospital that won't fit me. Mom's pretty amazed because
she says I didn't even get to wear them once.

I am quite concerned, however, about the amount of brownish yellow stuff that comes out
of my bottom. Lately it's been appearing in larger quantities and I don't know quite what
to think. And I have to work really hard to get it to come out or my tummy aches.
Mommy says that's why I get so crabby sometimes. But she told me that it's okay for
that stuff to come out because that means I'm a healthy boy. Other times it's just gas.

Speaking of "just gas" I've figured out how to do that thing that Mom and Dad do
whenever they see me. You know, where the corners of your mouth turn up and you get
this funny feeling that you want to...what was the word they used...laugh? Anyway, I like
doing it because Mom and Dad like it so much.

There are a couple other things that I've found that I really like. One is Mr. Ceiling Fan. I
love to stare at him for a long time. Someday I'll be tall enough to reach up and touch
him, Dad says. Another thing I like is the bedspread at Grandma Vanderspool's hotel
room. It has all sorts of lovely patterns that I like to look at almost as much as Mr.
Ceiling Fan. But don't tell *him* that. He might get jealous!

The one thing I haven't been able to figure out is why Mommy and Daddy sleep so much
during the daytime and are up all night long. They really need to get more sleep when I
do. Mom keeps saying that I need to get on 'their schedule', but I'm still convinced that
they need to be on *my* schedule. Oh well. For now I've decided to humor them and
I've been sleeping more during the daytime so they can sleep too. Parents are really funny

Mommy takes me for walks whenever we're at the hotel. Sometimes we go to the store
and other times we just walk so Mom can get her exercise. She says that I forgot to take
some of my food with me when I left her tummy, so she is trying to exercise some of it off
like the doctor told her to do.

Anyway, my little fingers are getting tired now. They really should make keyboards for
little kids. These letters are all too far apart. Say hi to Great Grandma Wilson from me,
Mom, and Dad. I love you!