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December 3, 1998

Volume 1, Issue 2

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Dad to Redesign Website

Design Increases Appeal

CEDAR CITY, Dec. 3-- Now that Andrew has grown a bit, he has decided that a change to the design of his website is warranted.  He recently commissioned his Dad to make the changes by creating a newspaper format including a new logo and headlines. 

Andrew plans to have his Dad make a section for new photographs and an archive section for older photographs until space on the site begins to run low.  After that time, the archives will be put in storage off of the site with a thumbnail catalog of the original photographs that can be used to request full size copies via e-mail.

When asked about the

redesign, Andrew stated, "I think it will increase the overall appeal of the site, even though my picture on the site is appealing enough... I am also hoping that it will draw many ooo's and aaah's from my faithful readers."

Andrew's First Christmas

CEDAR CITY, Dec. 3-- Andrew's first Christmas is on its way.  He's very excited that Santa Claus has him on the "Santa's Good Boys" list.  Word has it that he's also on the "Grandma's and Grandpa's Good Boy" list. The competition appears fierce between they and the Jolly Northern One. 

In Other News has launched in California, Utah, and Washington.  Dad is very proud to be working on this website and hopes that it will draw many visitors.

Grandma Watson's new library is nearing completion.  She is extremely happy (and relieved) that Kanab will have more space for books and computer equipment.  Building dedication should take place sometime in December.